Stop wasting your money on event videos!

by Torsten de Riese

Video is the fastest growing format online, but most events organisers fail to cash in on this global online trend. Instead they are wasting their money on video designed for the last century – completely ignoring how consumers and professionals are watching video today.

At Kontenthaus we have analysed the performance of more than 200,000 video clips across YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn over the past six months. Today I’d like to share our findings on what makes a successful video:

 1. The answer is 42

if you have read the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ’ you know what I’m banging on about, but even if you haven’t – this is what you need to know: our research has shown that the ideal length of a successful online video is 42 seconds.

I admit this is a somewhat random number (and I did round it up), but the learning here is that people’s attention span is getting smaller and smaller. At Kontenthaus we split the video in 10-second intervals. Within each interval we need to reveal a relevant or interesting fact or the picture needs to inspire the viewer to carry on.

In short: make your video short

 2. Most video is viewed on mobile

More than 65% of video we analysed were viewed on a mobile device. So, what does this mean? First, most of the viewers probably consumed the video in an environment where it wasn’t acceptable/possible to switch on the sound. We found that including subtitles in your video increases viewing by 67% – in some cases the figure was more than double. It really depends on the audience. 

In short: optimise for mobile

 3. What’s your story?

This point is actually not based on our research, but on our anecdotal experience. Videos that do well usually tell a story or focus on a single issue or point of argument. So, be short and to the point, because people don’t have time or patience to hang around for the climax.

In short: get to the point quickly

 4. Be lean and agile

A fact based on our own statistics. Videos posted on the same day get up to four times more engagement than after 24 hours. What does this mean for event organisers? To get your ROI invest less in teams with fancy expensive equipment who point and shoot and more into smaller teams that can put videos online quickly and make editorial decisions on the ground.

I want my video team to ask themselves: is this a relevant interviewee? – Does she/he have online influence? – Does the interview reveal something new, controversial, exciting? – Does the interview re-inforce the message(s) of the brand/event?

In short: less is more

 5. Get your money’s worth

It’s just not good enough for a video team to just come up with a highlight video that looks the same as last year’s with different people in it. During the event you want your video team to strategically film clips for your year-round marketing campaign. This requires planning and an understanding of your marketing needs. A point-and-shoot video crew won’t do.

In short: 90% planning, 10% execution


Successful videos are short, to the point and reveal a central message. And plan your video well ahead to get your money’s worth. Suffice to say that we at Kontenthaus adhere to those rules.

Here is the sales message: we can make your video investment work harder for you. You can hire us from as little as £800 per day (which includes full editorial lead, editing and uploading videos in real time). And by the way, we don’t charge for or limit extra edits – we will keep on working until you get your killer video.

So stop wasting your money on video – email me on torsten@kontenthaus to discuss how we can help you.