How can brands build audiences? With love!


Question: how can brands build an audience? Answer: by building relationships. And we all already know how to build relationships as we’ve been doing it all our lives. Just think about when you tried to find your first partner in life. How did you go about it?


Hang out in place where you’re most likely to find a partner

We all have a pretty good idea what attributes our ideal partner should have and we work out where these type of people hang out. What clubs are they most likely to go to? What events, festivals? Our strategy is to hang out at these places as much as we can to increase our chances to connect with the right people. Another tactic is to mimic people who are popular, ie. who are good at building relationships.

Share something about yourself and they will share with you

OK, once we have met our prospective partner we want to find out as much as we possibly can. We want to know their history, what books they’ve read, what music they like, what places they’ve been to, what friends they have. How do we do that? Simply by sharing everything¬†about ourselves. Yes, this makes us vulnerable, but by opening up we are inviting the counterpart to do the same.

Build a relationship of mutual trust

Now we are starting to build a relationship on mutual trust, respect and affection. Every time we meet or talk our relationship grows stronger. We have made a commitment and the result is a partnership which is equally profitable for both parties. This becomes the foundation of our relationship

We’re in for the long term, so keep nurturing

Everybody who has been in a long-term relationship knows how important it is to keep investing into what is sometimes taken for granted. By keeping on giving we show how important the relationship is to us and reinforce the bond. Often these are little but regular gestures such as making a cup of tea, buying flowers of simply saying “I love you”.

Relationship building slide

Grow your audience through relationship building. The cycle of understanding and engaging with your customer is a continuous process.


So, there you go. All you needed to know about building in audience should already come naturally to you as a marketer. Just treat your customer the same you would treat your friend or partner. Just follow the simple rules:

  1. Find out as much as you can about your customer
  2. Build a presense on the platforms where they are already engaged
  3. Find people and content that is already working and learn from it
  4. Start sharing and people will share with you
  5. Build a relationship where both parties equally profit
  6. Keep nurturing the relationship with a consistent content strategy