Festival of Marketing: not a conference, not an exhibition, but a festival

This year Kontenthaus is supporting the Festival of Marketing with content marketing services, which has been great fun. In the run-up to the festival we produced a series of videos with speakers as well as staff at Cenaur Media, the organiser of the event. Centaur have created a unique experience that delivers real value to visitors in form of presentations and panels by industry leaders, celebrities as well as hands-on learning sessions. And of course there are a lot of companies showcasing their services. However, the emphasis is on fun learning and providing value to both visitors and sponsors through quality content. That’s why we love it.

Ahead of the event we interviewed Commercial Director Kate McVeigh and asked her what makes the Festival of Marketing so special and what other events can learn from it. “Delivering long-term partnerships in a consultative way is something I feel really passionate about”, she told us. “It’s really important to get under the skin of your event and find out what makes it tick and what makes it different from the other events in our really saturated landscape.” Watch the full video here.