Content Strategy
» Our editorial team has years of experience in building content strategies for top brands.
» We build in amplification tactics based on research rather than intuition.
» Every item of the plan is goal oriented so you get maximum return.
» The outcome is a detailed editorial and marketing plan that is ready to be rolled out


take stock

         Existing content (blogs, white papers, marketing collateral)
         Analyse customer data and segmentation
         Build a detailed picture of current status


         Demographics, personae, reading habits
         Preferred devices, platforms, websites and apps
         What do they feel passionate about? What is the action trigger?


         Identify content that is already shared online
         Analyse subjects, formats, headlines, keywords, etc.
         Map successful content to customer personae


         Identify people who are good at sharing content
         Prioritise influencers according to reach
         Identify what triggers them to interact and amplify


         Detailed editorial guidelines: keywords, tone, style
         List of subject areas with priorities
         Recommended publishing and amplification tactics


         Extensive keyword analysis on social and search
         Prioritise topics and keywords on effectiveness and impact
         Device detailed plan and instructions on keyword use


         Analyse formats on impact potential across each platform
         Define ideal format, length and structure of content
         Guidelines on the right mix of content for search and social


         Decide on main amplification tactics
         Map content formats to amplification channels
         Document detailed guidelines on distribution strategy


         Set KPIs for your content campaign
         Projection for increase in traffic and lead generation
         Set goals and milestones for the next 6-12 months


         Editorial style guide including style, tone of voice, etc.
         A full editorial calendar and project plan for the first 6 months
         Guidelines: commissioning , workflow and review processes



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